Listening to our clients to solve their problems is a big part of what Nicholson Engineering do. Here you’ll find testimonials and information on some of Nicholson Engineering’s recent projects, so you can get an idea of what it is that we do in terms of marine engineering, engineering for the oyster industry, and general engineering for our customers in Bluff. If you’re interested in working with Nicholson Engineering, simply contact us today.

Campbelltown Seafoods

Nicholson Engineering has been working with Campbelltown Seafoods for about five years and around three years ago started consulting with John on a complete rebuild of their oyster boat. In consultation with John, the project has taken about two years to complete as it’s been done to work in with offseason and around the business.

The complete rebuild has included; fitting a new generator, new deck frames, overhauling pumps, rudder and rudder shaft, sheaving and ongoing maintenance. Nicholson Engineering has a 24/7 callout number and has worked through the night to ensure Campbelltown Seafoods are up and running and out on the boat fishing.


We’ve been working with Nicholson Engineering for about five years now. We originally started working with them because I’d heard good things and decided to go in and have a chat with them. From the initial conversation I was impressed, I could tell that they had a lot of knowledge and would be good to work with and so we went from there.

About three years ago we decided to start working on a complete rebuild of the oyster boat. We spent about a long-time planning and discussing the project before commencing and were able to work a lot of the rebuild in during offseason. Recently they completed the boat rudder and sheaving and have just finished installing a new generator. For us, communication is key, and Nicholson Engineering always discusses what we’re going to do and keep us updated all the time with how things are progressing. They really have a good working relationship with their clients.

I’m the kind of person that if I’m not happy, I won’t go there, and a complete rebuild is a major investment. The workers and the owners aren’t afraid to step up to the mark and are all great workers, who aren’t afraid to get stuck in. Because we work strange hours, if we call them late at night when we’re out at sea, they’ll be there when we get in and they’ll work through the night if they must – they really do go the extra mile, and I take my hat off to them.

Since Ross and Rowena have taken over the business they’ve really come onboard with health and safety, I’m very health and safety conscious and with Nicholson Engineering taking health and safety on, they’re keeping both our workers safe. In that regard, I’m really pleased with what they’ve done.

The first thing I would say to anyone considering working with Nicholson Engineering is just to go have a talk to them, discuss what work you need done, or what your problem is, and see if they can help, and you’ll know whether you want to go next door or not. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

John Mears, Campbelltown Seafoods



Cando Fishing

Nicholson Engineering has been working with Cando Fishing for over a decade. Some of the work completed when Cando Fishing took ownership of F.V. Diana has included an engine refit, new pipework, new seachest, base plate and fitting of for new hiab, making and fitting new hydraulic tank and overhauling the anchor winch. 

Being available to our clients is always of importance, and with Cando Fishing, Nicholson Engineering continues with ongoing maintenance and assistance when and where required.


Cando Fishing have been working with Nicholson Engineering for well over ten years. For us, we’ve never had to deal with another engineering company, as they’ve always been there for us if anything should happen. The job is always done to our expectations and they’re great at communication, any questions are resolved with just a phone call.

We have two fishing vessels, the second of which was purchased around the start of 2017. Both are steel boats one 19m, one 13m. In this industry, without having a reliable and confident engineering business on hand we wouldn’t be able to work, and it would have a huge impact on our business. Cando Fishing have always found Nicholson Engineering to be reliable and to turn up right when we need them and get stuck in. They’re brilliant to work with and have never failed us.

Cando Fishing would happily recommend Nicholson Engineering to anybody in the marine industry in Bluff, they’re friendly, trustworthy and most importantly for us – incredibly reliable. We are very satisfied with the work they have done.

Campbell, Cando Fishing

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